Jo  Mather

Jo A. Mather

1943 - 2023

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Obituary of Jo A. Mather

AN OBITUARY FROM A CAT’S PERSPECTIVE FOR OUR HUMAN JO A. MATHER ____________________ We are Sunny and Mariah Although our human did not have 9 lives, she treasured and embraced the one she lived. We found our mama Jo a few years ago wandering around our home when we were small kittens. She looked lost and lonely so we adopted her and she promised the lady she would love us unconditionally. She was fun, playful and provided every cat’s dream with endless toys and limited rules for us. Every night with open arms our mama would lift the sheets so we could sleep with her. Mama was born November 9, 1943 at Middlesex Hospital. She grew up in Lyme on Rogers Lake. Her parents were Brooks R. Sweet and Anne E. Sweet. She and her litter mate Jay B Sweet had kittens before us. Boo, Wynken, Blynken, & Nod. Another group of her feline faves! She appreciated the intrinsic value of escaping into the woods exploring for “Captain Kidds Treasure.” Always returning to the water, the element that lifted her soul swimming, fishing & boating. We especially loved it when our mama brought out her paints. It was an open invitation for us to paint outside the lines with our paws creating our own art on floors, and countertops. Jo studied several years at New London Students League serving as treasurer and president. She landed at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts with several scholarships. We think it’s more fun to be friends with all the tabbies in town, But our mama had married John A. Mather who Ironically had the nickname “House Cat” growing up. So, We guess it’s alright. They had (3) kiddens herself, 2 toms and a molly The first Tom was Brooks A. Mather & wife Angela, they have 5 in their litter; Cody, Jade, Sierra, Will & Ty The next Tom was Christopher J. Mather & wife Doreen, they have 4 in their litter; Grady & wife Serada, Payden, Mckenna & Quade The Molly is Jennifer I Scott & husband Sean They have 2 in their litter; Ryan J. Scott & wife Anna Drew A. Scott & fiancé Sara Followed by a Great Grand Litter Siena, Scarlett and Axel She also has a sister-in-law Joyce Mather Our mama was kind, artistic and creative. She had the ability to unlock our thinking, crystalize our visions and lead us all to dream about doing something differently and approach what we may never have envisioned. She loved games like us, but not cat and mouse. She was a fierce competitor especially in softball where she was so proud of her 3 homeruns in one game. She particularly loved board games and most nights at 7:00 Martin would call for a game of scrabble. We resided with our mama at Kirtland Commons until Jenny stuffed us in our cat travel case and moved us with her family and that dog, Maddie we fear! Kirtland Commons has been a wonderful community for us and our mom. They all have brightened our lives with timeless characters and friends who became our family. They are treasured memories we hold close. This world can be a complicated whirlwind, but if we sit out in stillness feeling all elements, it fuels us . It reinforces what is most meaningful with clarity of vision and reflection whether we are returning, reconnecting or just realizing how lucky we all are to have had mama Jo in our lives. Jo delightfully demanded that the celebration of her life be represented in how she lived day in and day out. Vibrant, free, fun, and full of personality. So please, do her the great honor of showing up to her party in your brightness, your colors, your love, and your hats (if you dare that greatly to be rare). In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution in Jo's name to Forgotten Felines, Inc. P.O Box 734, Clinton, CT 06413. Meow!

Celebration of Life

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Saturday, February 25, 2023
First Congregational Church of Deep River
1 Church Street
Deep River, Connecticut, United States